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暗银河系的发现及其科学意义In addition to conventional galaxies,the universe contains very dim galaxies that until recently went unnoticed by astronomers.Possibly as numerous as conventional galaxies,these galaxies have the same general shape and even the same approximate number of stars as a common type of conventional galaxy,the spiral,but tend to be much larger.Because these galaxies’mass is spread out over larger areas,they have far fewer stars per unit volume than do conventional galaxies.Apparently these low-surface-brightness galaxies,as they are called,take much longer than conventional galaxies to condense their primordial gas and convert it to stars—that is,they evolve much slowly.These galaxies may constitute an answer to the long-standing puzzle of the missingbaryonic mass in the universe.Baryons—subatomic particles亚原子粒子 that are generally protons or neutrons—are the source of stellar,and therefore galactic,luminosity,and so their numbers can be estimated based on how luminous galaxies are.However,the amount of helium in the universe,as measured by spectroscopy光谱学,suggests that there are far baryons in the universe than estimates based on galactic luminosity indicate.Astronomers have long speculated that the missing baryonic mass might eventuallybe discovered in intergalactic space星系际的空间 or as some large population of galaxies that are difficult to detect.另类海豹哺乳方式与众不同Until recently,zoologists believed that all species of phocids(true seals),a pinnipped family,use a different maternal strategy than do otariids(fur seals andsea lions),another pinniped family.Mother otariids use a foraging strategy.They acquire moderate energy stores in the form of blubber before arriving at breeding sites and then fast for 5 to 11 days after birth.Throughout the rest of the lactation(milk production)period,which lasts from 4 months to 3 years depending on the species,mother otariids alternately forage at sea,where they replenish their fat stores,and nurse their young at breeding sites.Zoologists had assumed that females of all phocids species,by contrast,use a fasting strategy in which mother phocids,having accumulated large energystores before they arrive at breeding sites,fast throughout the entire lactation period,which lasts from 4 to 50 days depending on the species.However,recent studies onharbor seals,a phocids species,found that lactating females commenced foragingapproximately 6 days after giving birth and on average made 7 foraging trips during the remainder of their 24-day lactation period.The maternal strategy evolved by harbor seals may have to do with their small size and the large proportion of their fat stores depleted in lactation.Harbor seals are small compared with other phocids species such as grey seals,all of which are known to fast for the entire lactation period.Studies show that mother seals of these species use respectively 84 percent,58 percent,and 33 percent of their fat stores during lactation.By comparison,harbor seals use 80 percent of their fat stores in just the first 19 days of lactation,even though they occasionally feed during this period.Since such a large proportion of their fat stores is exhausted despite feeding,mother harbor seals clearly cannot support all of lactation using only energy stored before giving birth.Though smallerthan many other phocids,harbor seals are similar in size to most otariids.In addition,there is already some evidence suggesting that the ringed seal,a phocids species thatis similar in size to the harbor seal,may also use a maternal foraging strategy.pheromones是什么东东,是不是该划为odorantThere is no consensus among researchers regarding what qualifies a substance as a pheromone.While most agree on a basic definition of pheromones as chemicals released by one individual of a species which,when detected by another individual of the same species,elicit a specific behavioral or physiological response,some researchers also specify that the response to pheromones must be unconscious.In addition,the distinctionbetween pheromones and odorants—chemicals that are consciously detected as odors-can be blurry,and some researchers classify pheromones as atype of odorant.Evidence that pheromone responses may not involve conscious odor perception comes from the finding that in many species,pheromones are processed by the vomeronasal(or accessory olfactory)system,which uses a special structure in the nose,the vomeronasal organ(VNO),to receive chemical signals.The neural connections between the VNO and the brain are separate from those of the main olfactory system,whose processing ofodorants triggers sensations of smell.But while the VNO does process many animalpheromone signals,not all animal pheromones work through the VNO.Conversely,not all chemical signals transmitted via the VNO quality as pheromones.For example,garter snakes detect a chemical signal from earthworms—one of their favorite foods—viathe VNO,and they use this signal to track their preywww.zgxue.com防采集请勿采集本网。

Stellar Converter for Audio Video能够支持快速修复视频中的各类问题,只要添加文件,然后修复就好了,功能强大,使用方便,感兴趣的朋友不要错过了。

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9.将安装包中Crack UZ1文件夹中的savc.exe复制到软件安装目录中,选择复制和替换,软件安装目录为C:\Program Files\Stellar Converter for Audio Video


Daisy Miller(1974)That's all I want—a little fuss.Daisy Miller(Cybill Shepherd)Review By:Jon DanzigerPublished:September 10,2003Stars:Cybill Shepherd,Barry Brown,Mildred Natwick,Eileen Brennan,Duilio del Prete,Cloris LeachmanDirector:Peter BogdanovichMPAA Rating:GRun Time:01h:31m:20sRelease Date:August 12,2003UPC:097360871548Genre:dramaFind other reviews in this genreThe ChargeFrederick,what I really think is that you had better not meddle with little American girls who are—as you mildly put it—uneducated."—Mrs.Costello to her nephew Frederick Winterbourne regarding his first encounter with Daisy MillerOpening StatementOne of the cinema's most insurmountable challenges is translating the classic works of expatriate American novelist Henry James to the screen.Plenty of talented directors have taken the bait—among them William Wyler(The Heiress),James Ivory(three films with producing partner Ismail Merchant:The Europeans,The Bostonians,The Golden Bowl),Jane Campion(The Portrait of a Lady),and Iain Softley(The Wings of the Dove)—with uneven results.(For this writer's money,the quintessential James film remains The Innocents,the riveting 1961 adaptation of The Turn of the Screw directed by Jack Clayton and starring Deborah Kerr.)Tackling an insurmountable challenge always requires a challenger with chutzpah to burn,and perhaps no American filmmaker of the last half of the 20th century possessed that quality in boundless limit than Peter Bogdanovich.A director who shot to stardom out of the shadows of—of all people—schlockmeister Roger Corman,Bogdanovich blazed brightly,if briefly,in the early 1970s with a string of box-office hits(The Last Picture Show,What's Up,Doc?Paper Moon)before derailing his Hollywood street cred along with his marriage(to production designer and screenwriter Polly Platt)via a disastrous personal and professional dalliance with model-turned-actress Cybill Shepherd.Daisy Miller,Bogdanovich's stylish take on James' novella,represented the first fraying cable on the plummeting elevator of the director's rollercoaster career.Let's take a ride,shall we?Facts of the CaseFrederick Forsyth Winterbourne(Barry Brown,Bad Company(1972))is a prosperous American frittering away his callow youth among other expatriate swells lounging around the resorts of Victorian Europe.One fine morning in Vevey,Switzerland,in the spring of 1878,Frederick's eye is captivated by the sight of one Miss Annie P.Miller(Cybill Shepherd,still a decade and a half away from her resurrection to TV comedy stardom on Moonlighting)—"Daisy"to her male admirers,who appear as innumerable as the Midianite host—a blonde vision in white traveling the Continent with her fragile,nouveau riche mother(Cloris Leachman,Young Frankenstein)and her insufferable hellion of a younger brother(James McMurtry,son of Lonesome Dove scribe Larry McMurtry).Daisy may not be the sharpest blade in the Swiss army knife,and her manners are deplorably boorish and brazen by the standards of the highfalutin Eurotrash wannabes surrounding her.She's smart enough,however,to understand that her beauty and her bankroll will open doors that would otherwise slam flush in the face of an unrefined girl from the Colonies.One of those doors lies across the threshold of Frederick's heart,much to the chagrin of his socially conscious aunt,Mrs.Costello(Mildred Natwick,Dangerous Liaisons),and the doyenne of upper crust snobbery,Mrs.Walker(Eileen Brennan,most familiar to today's generation of filmgoers as the Cat Lady in Jeepers Creepers).When the silver-spooned scion to the manor born collides with the morally casual floozy from the wrong side of the Schenectady tracks,sparks may fly but disaster usually results.But then,this is a Henry James story—you didn't seriously expect happily ever after,did you?The EvidenceBogdanovich the director starts his flirtation with Henry James three steps behind the proverbial eight ball.First,Daisy Miller is a slight(though enormously popular)work composed near the beginning of the author's career,three years before he erupted into full flower with 1881's The Portrait of a Lady.The source material,therefore,is not as rich as James' later efforts.Second,the nuances of 19th century European societal mores are,if anything,even less clear and pertinent to modern American audiences than they were to James' provincial title character,so it's difficult to understand—much less care—why these issues seemed of such vital importance in their day.Last,James' austere and psychologically frosty prose gives his writing a stark,emotionally distant tone—one that's uncinematic even at its best.Yet,Bogdanovich manages to overcome these obstacles to deliver a reasonably entertaining motion picture.And surprisingly,the most effective weapon in his arsenal is his much-maligned star.Cybill Shepherd,who has borne the brunt of a good bit of ribbing from critics over the years for her arguably skimpy acting talents,is delightful here as the unmannered,vulgar Daisy.She prattles on a mile per breathless minute,wields her parasol like a reaper's scythe,flutters the long lashes curtaining her sapphire eyes,and emerges as utterly charming.We can easily comprehend why every man Daisy meets falls head over heels for her,despite her obvious intellectual vacuity and coarse disregard for etiquette.The role doesn't push Shepherd beyond the confines of her ability,but instead provides her as perfect a showcase for the talent she possessed at this adolescent stage of her acting career as her TV sitcoms would offer years later.With Shepherd as his centerpiece,Bogdanovich manages to convert James' cutting commentary on American manners into a perfect analogy for the USA's increasingly awkward relationship with the rest of the world in the post-Vietnam,post-Watergate era.It's not hard to correlate Daisy Miller to the international perception of America—gorgeous,wealthy,and irresistible on the one hand,but crude,selfish,incautious,and dangerously irresponsible on the other.The director,through the evocative,scenically aware eye of Italian cinematographer Alberto Spagnoli(who toiled most of his career in schlocky horror and sword-and-sandal flicks),captures the brightest face of a dissolute age,while subtly revealing the beauty that made it compelling.A sparkling supporting cast—led by the marvelous trio of Cloris Leachman,Eileen Brennan,and Mildred Natwick—contributes fine,brilliantly observed performances.The weak link is Barry Brown,whose Frederick is so effete,foppish,and anal-retentive that it's a miracle the vivacious Daisy even gives him the time of day.That's the point of his character,I suppose,but Brown's characterization palpably sucks the life out of the celluloid whenever he appears on it.Modern audiences(at least those who haven't read Henry James)will no doubt find Daisy Miller's deliberate pace uncomfortably slow despite the film's abbreviated running time.Bogdanovich doesn't help himself in this regard with his sometimes confusing transitions between scenes—we occasionally lose track of where we are as the story travels from Switzerland to Rome,and screenwriter Frederic Raphael's(Eyes Wide Shut)narrative sense of time is not always as well defined as it could be.On the whole,though,Daisy Miller is a nicely developed,lovingly presented adaptation of a most difficult writer to bring to film,an imagining worthy of its source material without being needlessly dogged in faithfulness to it.It's proof positive that Bogdanovich in 1974 still had some magic left,even as his chosen industry was beginning to abandon him.Paramount,a studio notorious for dumping its catalog titles on the market with scarcely a fare-thee-well,comes through with a marginal exhibition of Daisy Miller on DVD.The anamorphic transfer is acceptable given the age of the film,but is marred by a sometimes overwhelming level of grain,print damage,and digital chatter,the latter problem ..内容来自www.zgxue.com请勿采集。

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