procurement ╟ solution consultant (tscm50-52-54)

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Package Solution Consultant是什么意思

Package Solution Consultant 解决方案顾问It was a hard decision for them to propose the package solution.他们下很大决心, 提出了“一揽子解决”的设想。But if the two sides agree to the "package solution",they should be able to convince their people.但如果双方同意采取一揽子解决的办法,他们就有可能各自说服自己的人民。

Centralised vs Decentralised Procurement?

Hi,I would believe the best answer is coming from your business organization itself as this is purely business decision (not IT decision). Of course, in SAP it is feasible to set up the centralized or decentralized purchasing organization and it is up to the company to choose which model does fit them most. Since I do not have any idea of how your company is structured and operational, it is hard to make any recommendation at all.Cheers,HT


*-2016学年上学期高三课标第14期参*及解析Book 5 Units 3-4参*及部分解析参*1-5 BCABB           6-10CACCA11-15 BBABC        16-20ACCBA      21-25 BDBCA       26-30DADDB31-35 AACDB       36-40GFBDE41-45 BCDDA       46-50CAABB51-55 DADCB       56-60BCCDA61. to be                62.who / that63. are influenced   64. changeable65. it                     66.than67. understanding   68. of69. that                 70.hopefully短文改错:71. ... play football was ...                                    play → playing72. ... something easier.        easier → easy73. ... bring back memories ...                                 bring → brought74. Like a little boy ...   Like → As75. ... become football star ...                                    become后加a76. However, he taught ...      However → Therefore77. ... he kicked them.   them → it78. ... on how I really ...       how → what79. Thank to his ...      Thank → Thanks80. ... and I've become ...      去掉andOne possible version:From the picture we can see a boy using amobile phone to solve his homework problems. Like magic, it takes only a fewminutes for him to finish his homework.The picture shows a serious problemnowadays. Some students have formed the habit of searching for answers on theInternet without thinking carefully first.I think it is unwise to turn to mobilephones unless it is necessary. Doing homework is a good way to review ourlessons and develop the ability to solve problems. Depending on mobile phonescompletely, however, cannot help us become wiser or more knowledgeable.部分解析阅读理解:A篇(自然)本文是记叙文。一只比特犬在网上的视频和照片引起了众多人的注意。21. B。细节理解题。由第三段中的misconceptions about pit bulls as cruel monsters可知,大多数人误以为比特犬是危险的动物。22. D。推理判断题。由第六段开头的Because pit bulls are only in the media when bad things happen, thismyth of them as monsters gets perpetuated可推断,大多数人主要是通过媒体来了解比特犬的。23. B。细节理解题。由第七段开头的Grannan and his wife are the owners of Dark Dynasty K9s,family-owned kennel that raises and trains American pit bulls可知。24. C。细节理解题。由最后一段中的My hope is that with all this attention we can change people's mindsabout pit bulls in a positive way可知,Grannan和妻子之所以把Hulk的视频和照片放到网上是为了使人们了解真正的比特犬。B篇(家庭)本文是议论文。作者认为上班族妈妈会在无形中给孩子们带来很多好处。25. A。词义猜测题。由上文的You're leaving again及it was her face that pierced my heart可推断,经常出差的妈妈又要出差了,这让女儿感到很沮丧。故选upset。26. D。推理判断题。由第四段中的I decided in that moment to travel less ... they had learned lessonsI couldn't have imagined及第五段中的But this time it was different, mainly due to the fact that ... 可推断,在那个和孩子们一起度过的夏天,作者惊喜地发现孩子们在和她分开的日子里学到了很多意想不到的东西。因此,之后作者出差时感觉好了很多。27. A。推理判断题。由倒数第三段末的even if I didn't work I would rather she learned to not depend on mefor everything ... hovering over her every single second of the day可推断,作者希望女儿将来可以自立一些。28. D。写作目的题。由最后一段中的for all the working moms ... value the positive lessons you might beteaching your kids并结合全文可知,作者写作此文是为了证明上班族妈妈也可以让孩子们受益良多。C篇(健康)本文是议论文。作者认为青少年不应进行不必要的整容手术。29. D。细节理解题。由第一段中的“makeover” television shows which makeplastic surgery seem simple, have encouraged adolescents to pursue surgery可知。30. B。段落大意题。第四段讲手术可能发生不可挽回的损害,并可能引起感染等并发症;即便是再小的手术也绝没有看起来那么容易。据此可推断,本段主要讲做整容手术的隐患。31. A。细节理解题。由倒数第二段中的If a child has a serious injury or scarring from an accident, it canbe beneficial可知,作者认为如果一个青少年有难看的伤疤则可以考虑做整容手术。32. A。观点态度题。由最后一段中的Hopefully, more teens will realize that there is more to a person thanphysical beauty, and learn to accept themselves for who they are可知,作者对青少年整容基本上持反对态度。D篇(节假日活动)本文是说明文。文章介绍了世界读书日的活动。33. C。推理判断题。由第一段中的get certain titles in exchange for the tokens及Readers can also use their token topurchase a regular book and get a one-pound discount可推断,购书礼券不仅可以用来买指定的价值一英镑的书,也可以补差价购买普通的书。故C项正确。34. D。细节理解题。由第三段末的It's because I am a terrible parent and every year I forget aboutWorld Book Day可知。35. B。细节理解题。由文章末的the event was finished because of lack of money可知。七选五:话题:饮食本文是说明文。世界卫生组织建议人们减少糖的摄入量。36. G。G项与下文的Theseinclude sugars that are added to processed foods and drinks相呼应。37. F。下文的That is because they exist in foods we might not think of as sweets与F项构成因果关系。38. B。下文列举了在欧洲不同国家糖摄入量的不同情况。故B项恰当。39. D。D项与下文的Even ifyou are not eating lollies and candy, you are probably eating a fair amount ofsugar相呼应,强调很多食物中都含糖。40. E。E项与上文的gettingmore exercise is a good solution相呼应,指出运动可以消耗掉糖。完形填空:话题:个人情感本文是记叙文。文章讲述了一位瘫痪男子乐观面对生活的故事。41. B。由上文的unbearable pain shot through his back可推断,Enzo在感到一阵剧痛的同时大声“尖叫(screamed)”。42. C。由上文的He became paralyzed from the waist down可推断,Enzo下半身瘫痪后很可能再也不能“走路(walk)”了。43. D。由下文的relearned everyday tasks and got used to life及These lessons have made me thehappiest可推断,过去的三年对于Enzo来说是一段充满挑战但也“有收获的(rewarding)”旅行。44. D。由上文可推断,下半身瘫痪的Enzo不得不长时间坐在“轮椅(wheelchair)”上。45. A。由上文的These lessons have made me the happiest I've ever been可知,瘫痪后的Enzo很“乐观(optimistic)”。46. C。由下一段及最后一段的after his injury可知答案。47. A。由下文的His wife told him the things that mattered most to them ... 及That conversation可知,Enzo和妻子的“交谈(conversation)”改变了他起初悲观的态度。48. A。49. B。Enzo把注意力集中在他认为自己“失去(lost)”的东西上,“而不是(Instead of)”集中在他所拥有的东西上。50. B。妻子告诉Enzo对他们来说最重要的东西“仍然(still)”完好无损。51. D。妻子告诉Enzo他们还会追随梦想并做每一件他们“喜欢(love)”做的事情。52. A。和妻子的谈话使Enzo想起他还有最棒的妻子和四个健康、漂亮的孩子。故选reminded。53. D。由下文的You can find millions of ... to either be happy or unhappy. Thechoice is yours可推断,Enzo“坚决主张(insists)”幸福是一种选择。54. C。你可以找到无数个“理由(reasons)”让自己快乐或者不快乐。55. B。一些看起来似乎无所不有的人却是“可怜的(pitiful)”。该空与下文的deeply happy形成对比。56. B。该空与上文的Many people who seemingly have everything是相反的意思,故选poorest。57. C。快乐的“关键(key)”是要专注于真正重要的事情。58. C。Enzo如今会努力“享受(enjoy)”所有让自己开心的小事物。59. D。由下文的grow可知,Enzo仍然想在生活的各方面有所“改善(improve)”。60. A。上文的grow as a person in all aspects of my life及下文的enjoying the abundance ... Ialready have much more是转折关系,故选but。语法填空:61. to be。考查不定式作宾语的用法。tend后常跟不定式作宾语,故填tobe。62. who / that。考查关系词。设空处引导定语从句修饰children,且在从句中作主语,故填who / that。63. are influenced。考查一般现在时的被动语态。They与influence之间是被动关系,且此处描述的是一般事实,故填are influenced。64. changeable。考查形容词作表语的用法。由前面的not stable可知,孩子们是易变的,故填changeable。65. it。考查it作形式主语的用法。设空处作形式主语,真实主语是不定式短语to stop violence on TV,故填it。66. than。考查介词。由前面的more可知,设空处应填than。67. understanding。考查名词。give后缺直接宾语,故填名词understanding。68. of。考查介词。get rid of意为“除去,摆脱”。69. that。考查连接词。设空处引导宾语从句且在从句中不作成分,故填that。70. hopefully。考查副词。设空处所在句句意:这些节目的收视率很有希望会下降。故填hopefully。


Part I Writing (30 minutes) 考完四六级,进攻中高级口译!

1. B) Benefits of the practice of teleworking.

2. C) more businesses have adopted remote working solution

3. C) Access to broadband every where.

4. B) They look for reliable business-only providers.

5. A) offering sophisticated voice services

6. D) support its employees with children to take care of

7. B) keep highly qualified staff

8. home life

9. productive

10. increase her own productivity

Part III Listening Comprehension (35minutes)

Section A

11. A) They prefer to carry cash when traveling abroad.

12. C) Rod was eliminated in the selection process.

13. A) The concert is very impressive.

14. B) They have known each other since their schooldays.

15. D) Stop for the night.

16. A) Survey results.

17. D) He would rather the woman didn’t buy the blouse.

18. C) The notice may not be reliable.

19. D) A manager at a computer store.

20. A) Handling customer complaints.

21. C) She wants to be with her husb??and.

22. D) Early next month.

23. B) It will be a najor economic power by the mid-21st century.

24. D) The huge gap between the haves and have-nots.

25. C) they attach great importance to education.

Section B

26. A) She engaged in field research on enviromental pollution.

27. A) The job restricted her from revealing her findings.

28. B) Many toxic sites in America have been cleaned up.

29. D) Her ability to communicate through public speaking.

30. D) The accelerated pace of globlalisation.

31. B) Gain a deep understanding of their own culture.

32. C) The labour market is getting globalised.

33. B) Brown-haired women are rated as ore capabe.

34. A) They are shrewd dishonest.

35. C) They hinder our perception of individual differences.

Section C

36. derived

37. immense

38. convenient

39. accuracy

40. largely

41. instinct

42. recalls

43. texture

44. This means that any thought about a certain subject will often bring up more memories that are related to it.

45. The associations do not have to be logical. They just have to make a good link.

46. If you remember the shape of Italy, it is because you have been told sometime that Italy is shaped like a boot.

Part IV Reading Comprehension(Reading in Depth) (25minutes)

47. a driver’s attention

48. equivalent in difficulty to driving

49. more time

50. carful thinking/consideration

51. punishing

52. D) the shrinking primary care resources

53. C) the more doctors taking care of a patient, the better

54. A) see more patients at the expense of quality

55. B) The current system works against primary care

56. D) Bridge the salary gap between specialists and primary care physicians

57. B) The air quality around Berkeley’s school campuses is poor.

58. C) A heated debate.

59. D) They didn’t know who to believe.

60. D) Daily accidents pose a more serious threat to children.

61. A) the unceertain

Part V Cloze (15minutes)

62 B) launching

63 D) brands

64 B) condemn

65 A) in

66 C) industry

67 B) exclude

68 D) including

69 C) unnecessary

70 C) to

71 B) incentives

72 C) strategic

73 A) spokesman

74 D)underway

75 B) responsibility

76 B) on

77 C) minimize

78 C) so

79 C) individual

80 A) despite

81 D) tackle

Part VI Translation (5 minutes)

82. It depends on how often you wear it

83. to be a challenge to many traditional concepts

84. could have attended the meeting in person (by himself)

85. balanced diet is essential to health

86. regretful did I feel

How to make QM view mandatory for some materials?

But the problem we are facing with this is that there are other fields which are also attached to this group. If we make the setting all these fields are becoming mandatory.

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